Of Standups Future

In a recent Standup, it was realized that it would be better to have Architectural/Technical discussion occurs here in the forums to make it easier for people in every timezone to participate.

This would lead to standup being reserved to discuss blockers.

@amir suggested to reduce standup to weekly schedule with an agenda posted previously here in the forums so people can plan accordingly according to their interest.

I am in favor of such a scheme. Is there any objections? If not, we can use this thread to define the new organisation of standup (day, time, location of the agenda, location of the reports, etc.)


Since there are weekly reports, how about having the standup the day after the weekly report goes out? That should also help with agenda-setting, since things would be fresh in the mind of the report authors.


That sounds like a good idea, but currently the weekly report were posted on Friday, we may want to have them moved to the middle of the week instead in that scenario.

We could also do a daily in two parts :

  1. DOING/DONE for people who worked on moby/moby the past day and or the next day
  2. Have a agenda to discussion that needs to happen :angel:
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The doing/done approach makes the most sense to me and mirrors the Linuxkit stand-ups. It keeps stand-ups as a place to organize who is doing what, and identify where help is needed. While the forum is the place to decide on the design where it’s more visible and permanent.

I think Doing/Done works well for small team (Agile Style). In our context, that should probably go into the weekly report instead.

Given that we have to deal with several (and sometimes incompatible) timezones, I think it’d be good if we could limit the number of standups to a less frequent schedule. I do however agree that they should all have an agenda posted beforehand (in the forums) and a summary of related decisions/discussions afterwards.

I agree with @mlaventure, I don’t think Doing/Done will work for us.
Should we try with a weekly cadence ?