2017-06-07: LinuxKit Security SIG meeting

Hi all,

This is a friendly reminder that the next LinuxKit Security SIG meeting will be this Wednesday June 7th at 9AM PT, at this video link: https://docker.zoom.us/j/779801882.

We have a really exciting agenda lined up, including a deep dive on unikernel type-safe system daemons!

If you missed us last time, here is the recap with meeting notes and recorded video.

See you there!


As background since the last SIG, the weekly development reports are all in the Git tree; the last one is https://github.com/linuxkit/linuxkit/blob/master/reports/2017-06-03.md

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The meeting link says invalid meeting id @riyaz

thanks for the catch! It’s https://docker.zoom.us/j/779801882 - I’ll correct the post.