What categories should we add on the forum?

Continuing the discussion from https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/32861#issuecomment-299242207

Naively, I would think we should have the following:

  • Moby architecture: a place where we discuss the architecture and at first the split of moby into components
  • Moby tooling : a place where we discuss the tooling around moby and components (could be in Moby architecture though)

And one categorie per components, like buildkit, …

We should probably be careful about too much fragmentation to start.

In fact, it may be good to start with just a general category and only break out as neccessary.

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Having categories for each component helps to organize the content and it facilitates discoverability.

I agree, when there’s lots of content to wade through.
But when just starting out it’s makes it difficult to find and just generally more work.

What about

  • Meta (project/org discussion)
  • Architecture (breaking up monolith, new components)
  • Support (community Q/A)

Over time we can likely take bits from “Architecture” and break them off into separate categories.


Seems good to me :innocent:

I created “Meta”, “Architecture”, and “Support” categories to start with