Moby style extensive system level logs in traditional docker


Inside the moby dev container, as soon as we type in a command on the cli, say, docker swarm init, extensive logs starts getting generated on the screen straight away including heartbeat messages between agents and manager. Is it possible to have such logs appear when using docker the traditional way?, ie, when simply running a container or swarm from docker installed on the PC. I tried docker logs but that does not prints such extensive logs at the system level.


Logs from dockerd are sent to stderr, which is typically consumed by journald, but where they end up depends on how you are using docker.

Brian Goff

Thanks for your quick response. I have docker-ce installed on my Linux PC and I’ using it to create a swarm on a single host and deploy services. What would be the way to access these logs from dockerd/journld in this case?

journalctl -fu docker

Brian Goff