Can the Splunk log driver be configured to route through a corporate proxy?

I’m currently running a Swarm cluster which is configured to work through a corporate proxy. I can pull from Docker Hub successfully. Recently I have obtained a Splunk HTTP Event Collector token and have been attempting to have my logs sent to Splunk via the built in driver.

I am able to send events to splunk manually via curl + proxy
Docker is unable to send events despite being configured via proxy
Docker is able to send events if I run on my local machine (i.e. no outgoing firewall)

So it appears the splunk driver does not use the proxy. Is there a way to configure it to do so?

A pull request was merged recently to make the logging driver use proxy servers (from the HTTP_PROXY/HTTPS_PROXY environment variables);

I think that change will be in the upcoming Docker CE 18.03 release (it may already be in Docker EE (Enterprise Edition), but not sure if that patch went out already)

Sounds great. Thank you for the fast response!