Building swarmkit binaries in moby development environment


I have two questions regarding building the binaries involved in the moby development environment.

  1. The process of setting up the moby development environment involves building the dockerd binary inside the development container. This binary needs to be rebuilt each time one makes a code change. The example code change scenario explained in the guide covered code change in the file cmd/dockerd/docker.go
    I wish to do the same process to test a code change made in one of the files in swarmkit instead. For that, I forked swarmkit and made the code change separately. I then swapped the swarmkit git hub repo URL entry in vendor.conf with my forked version. However, I did not understand clearly if rebuilding the dockerd binary will internally also rebuild all the entries in vendor.conf and hence also my modified swarmkit code. Can you please help me clarify this?

  2. The guide only tells how to make code changes and locally test it inside a dev container and then create a pull request. But, I’d like to package and distribute this changed docker software, ie, something similar to docker-ce which anyone can download ad install on their system. Can you tell the procedure behind that?

This question is already answered in another post.