Is it possible to disable local volume plugin?


I am building a infrastructure with docker and kubernetes, allowing users to run their applications on it.
If user uses VOLUME in Dockerfile, docker will mount a local volume for it. I don’t want this happen, because volumes are allocated on rootfs without space quota and numbers of volumes cannot be limited by Kubernetes.

Is it possible to disable docker local volume support?


The daemon itself does not have an option to disable volumes, but you can use
an “authz” plugin to block API requests that attempt to use a volume. For example; provides that functionality.

Note that some containers may not be able to run correctly without a volume,

because without a volume, data will be written in the container’s Copy-on-write

filesystem (which may either result in a significant performance loss, or in

failures, because CoW filesystems may not be fully POSIX compliant.


@thaJeztah Thanks! I’ll try it out.