Is there a standard way to check if the docker daemon is running?

Hi guys, good morning :):grinning:recently I am working on the k8s/kubeadm, there is a pre-flight check with crictl to check if there’s container daemon is running, in my environment I only use docker as the container engine, so I use below command to startup the cluster:
#kubeadm init --cri-socket “/var/run/docker.sock”

But seems the crictl send a POST to the “/var/run/docker.sock” socket to check if docker daemon is running, unfortunately the crictl can’t get a valid response so it’s unable to check if the container runtime is OK:
[ERROR CRI]: unable to check if the container run time at “/var/run/docker.sock” is running: exit status 1

So the question here is, is there some standard way (compatible with OCI) to check if the docker container run time is ready?

There would be no OCI specification for checking if dockerd is running.
An OCI implementation does not need to be a daemon (e.g. see runc).

For a simple way to check the daemon, you can do a GET /version or a GET /info

Thanks @cpuguy83 for the info, sounds like there’s no spec to define the detection of the runtime environment, I need to check the circtl code to see how it works…