Where are docs to build the new Kubernetes integrated into Docker for Windows 10

Sorry in advance if I have missed an obvious link.

  1. When you go to Docker.com main page there is announcement about a Kubernetes-Docker integration.

  2. That takes you to this diagram:


  1. From there, I can’t find any more docs. I have searched the GitHub Issues in various Moby projects along with Containerd, LinuxKit, Kubernetes-Incubator without any luck despite mentions in the Moby Blog that this has been worked on for over a year now. Obviously I am missing something obvious.

  2. What I am expecting to find in the ideal case:

A clear set of docs to walk through starting VS 2017 on Windows 10, importing various git repos, building and ending up with the Windows 10 utility that runs Docker CE on Windows 10 using either Linux Containers or Windows 10 Containers and preferably both types simultaneously orchestrated by the built-in Kubernetes integration.

Even partial hints would be nice.

Right now the most mystifying part is where Kubernetes integrates with Win 10 Docker and how it fires up under Windows 10 instead of that rediculous Mini-Kube thing.

  1. Once the above has been figured out, I would like to do CI builds from Team Services (or GitHub) to Azure and Local.

Docker is still in the process of adding Kubernetes support to our various products. If you want to be notified when something is available, you can sign up for the beta here: https://beta.docker.com/

Thanks for your response

I don’t want to be notified of a user level download. I want some hints about which gits to pull so I can build my own copy and test the current sate (alpha?) of that integration.

How else can you expect people to contribute code/bug fixes/feedback to your project?

It feels like I am missing some obvious starting point.