With Moby can I create a real web server with java, tomcat and postgresql for free?

Good morning everyone,
I don’t know Moby and I opened this thread to find out if this tool can be used for my case or not.
Years ago I used Docker to quickly create a local server with Java, Tomcat and PostgreSQL then I stopped using it because I was struggling to install it on Windows 10.
I’m looking for an identical but free product that works similar to Docker and is usable on Linux web servers. In practice I would like to buy a hosting with Linux and quickly install Java, Tomcat and PostgreSQL on it just like I did locally with Docker. In practice I would like to perform these operations quickly and writing little code:
1.Change servers;
2.Update the versions of Java, Tomcat, PostgreSQL.
A.Does Moby work like Docker?
B.It’s free?
C.Does it work on any Linux real web server?
D.How is it different from Docker?
See you soon and thanks

The brief tl;dr is that Moby is docker. More precisely, Moby is the open source project on which Docker is based. It is maintained by Docker.

So while you could technically use Moby directly, it would make more sense to just use Docker.