Space required to build Moby?


I was wondering if anyone knows how much disk space is required to build Moby from GitHub sources?


This is difficult to say.
The dev build image is ~2GB which has all the dependencies (and then some).


Thanks! I tried to build moby (in an existing VM) and it seemed to blow out my / file system. I built it in /home file system but it looks like it build docker images (ok I did not look at the makefile to see what it did before doing this, my bad). Looks like it created a docker-dev image . That was 2.4G. So I guess my bigger question has anyone specified out what a Linux file system configuration is minimally required to build moby?


Well I created a large file system VM to build moby. The code from the github, is about 253M. And like you said cpuguy83 the /var/lib/docker burned about 2.5G.