2017-06-07 LinuxKIt Security SIG Recap

Hi all,

Thank you for joining us during the LinuxKit Security SIG meeting today!

We’ve compiled the notes and video from this meeting, in case you missed us today or would like to revisit the discussion:

Of note, during today’s meeting we brought forth a proposal for a “probational channel” to combine security incubation projects in LinuxKit (doc here), and we also discussed buildchain security and the need for a tool to test for PIE/ASLR executables.

The primary topic of today’s meeting was a deep dive of the work being done on type-safe daemons.
This included a demo of a prototype type-safe HTTPS implementation (code here), an additional demo on fuzzing with AFL (screencast here), and a detailed explanation of the architecture (slides here) of the existing dhcp example in the LinuxKit mirageSDK project today.

Please feel free to comment here if you have any questions about the content.

The next meeting will be held on June 21st at 9am PT, the draft agenda has been posted here.



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