Make BIND_DIR=. shell error

I’m following this guide and trying to setup a moby dev environment. In step 4 of the above URL, I execute the command

make BIND_DIR=. shell

and get the below error.

docker build  --build-arg=GO_VERSION  -f "Dockerfile" --target=dev   -t "docker-dev:dry-run-test" .
unknown flag: --target
See 'docker build --help'.
make: *** [build] 错误 125

What version of docker do you have installed currently? (you can find the version with the docker version command)

That error may mean that you have a very old version of docker installed that not yet has support for multi-stage builds

docker version is 1.13.1, is it because of version problems?

Yes, that would explain; docker 1.13.x reached EOL almost 4 years ago, and doesn’t have support for multi-stage builds.

I would highly encourage to install a currently maintained version (current version is docker 19.03.x at time of writing) ( Older releases are not maintained, and can have unpatched vulnerabilities (in some cases, critical)

Thanks I can use it after upgrading docker